John Brandon

"In the 1990’s I inherited a ShopSmith wood Lathe, and that is when my fascination with wood turning started.  I am amazed at the beauty of  the wood itself, and then by what a simple piece of wood can have inside of it.  Every time I stop the lathe some pieces change in one way or another.  I love to try and capture every thing it has to offer to itself. I do this as a way of relaxing and letting my mind clear.  I work a day job and spend  most of my off time at the lathe starting or finishing projects depending on where they are in the process.  My wood is mostly local, I am usually  gathering from downed trees and sometimes I find myself in the exotic wood isle of the local wood store. I have had local requests to make things from family treasured wood and I am happy to make that piece a memory." - John B
John Brandon
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