Laura Koppes

I am lucky to have a studio in my home. My favorite time to paint is early in the morning when no one else is awake. Usually I have already spent time in the middle of the night working on my paintings in my mind-changing colors, minimizing or enhancing shapes, altering composition. Later in the morning, I often go to the art museum where I am a docent. Some docents like to take only adults on tour, but I prefer school tours, because they are the most honest, unfiltered, and open to spontaneity. I used to approach both my art and my tours with a detailed plan. I have largely abandoned that approach and instead the experience I have allows me to be more spur-of-the-moment.  I start with lots of ideas and let the tour evolve in its own way.

Everything in my world is fodder for my paintings. I spend a lot of time outside and take photographs that are often inspiration for my work. I work on many paintings simultaneously. I paint with acrylic because of its flexibility. I love texture and work hard to build complex layering through scrubbing, sanding, and applying layers of washes. I work on my paintings in all directions and am open to it

Laura Koppes
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